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Our client is a leader in the data visualization software for business presentations, with the challenge to offer the most intuitive user interface for generating complex data-driven charts and slides, while ensuring consistency, accuracy, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office. They work on challenging visualization problems, reverse engineering of Microsoft’s code, and reinventing the user interface.

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About the company

Why are they a great company to work for?:
•They’re funders of the working group for programming languages of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Some employees are even members of the committee and vote in the international standardization process of ISO/IEC C++.

• The Standard C++ Foundation is sponsored by the company, helping them to promote the understanding and use of modern Standard C++ on all compilers and platforms. There is a real chance that the components you invent will find their way into the standard.

• The company is owned and managed by seasoned computer scientists, which makes an exceptional working environment where developers come and stay.

• They are publishers of scientific articles in the areas of AI and Computer Graphics and they will encourage you to do the same.

• There are no deadlines and no scheduled meetings. A feature is ready to be released when you are convinced that you have implemented the best possible solution.

• Your ideas are welcome, even if they mean that a lot of code has to be changed to make things better.

Role description

Within the tech stack there is:
• C++ with some Assembler glue code where necessary. Their build scripts are written in Python, but other than that everything is all about C++.
• Lambdas and rvalue references throughout their code base, and have switched to C++17 where their compilers support it.
• Boost is used throughout their code, e.g., Boost.Spirit for parsing.
• They have their own range library and develop their own cross-platform library to support Mac and Windows with a single code base.

We Offer
• A wide range of extremely challenging C++ development tasks
• An international team with an opportunity to grow
• A flat organization and plenty of room for your ideas
• Family-friendly working hours
• Relocation support
• A competitive salary from the start and an annual raise after only one year


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