Views of Prague in all four seasons

Would you like to experience Prague’s beauty from higher up? Being able to experience the atmosphere of the city without the numerous people? Looking at the city from afar to see if, like it’s namesake, Prague really is “the City of a Hundred Spires”?

Prepare for an adventure, put on your shoes, and head for the best places for the different seasons. In each of them you will find unmistakable scents, unforgettable moments and, most importantly, beautiful views, varied by nature’s changing face.

Spring with cider


Once winter has warmed, the lakes have thawed and primroses began to blossom, head to Petřín. On 1st May, you’ll likely see couples kissing under blossoming cherry trees. A Czech tradition said to bring strength to a loving relationship for the rest of the year. Come with a blanket and hot cider, on sale across the city, listen to the distant sounds of downtown Prague and watch the world go by.

Dívčí hrady

You will definitely not miss the views of Prague in full spring bloom from here. These castle ruins, set on the hills above Smíchov, will let you admire the city from afar without people surrounding you. Maybe a runner or dog walker will pass by, but otherwise the views will be all yours.

Summer with beer

Divoká Šárka

When summer has arrived, and the heat that comes with it, Divoká Šárka is the ideal location to relax in nature without needing to venture too far. The hills will let you relax while admiring the view, with a cold beer in hand. And if you get too hot, you can dip your feet in the Šárka creek, or immerse yourself in the local swimming pool.


Enjoy views of the numerous bridges of Prague, while watching people stroll by. Many of Prague’s  visitors only know its rows of bridge from postcards. But why not see them first hand, from afar? Scaling the steps up to the Metronome will give you panoramic views, while you hear the sound of skateboarders in the background perfecting their skills. Letná is also an important location in Prague’s history, hosting demonstrations, Easter parades and sporting events. On your way home you can see the Brussels Pavilion, which was part of the Expo 58 exhibition.

Autumn with wine


This area, named after the castle that sits atop, provides great views of the river. You’ll hear the faint noise of trams going by, the rumbling of cars as they pass through the tunnel and the voices of rowers on the river. Venturing down to the Vltava will leave you almost unaware you’re still in Prague. Don’t be afraid to turn off the beaten track and explore all of Vyšehrad’s hidden gems. Plus you can learn all about the national cultural monument.


Picnicking under vines becomes a reality. With a vineyard sprawled across the hillside, so close to the centre, you can take a stroll while admiring the different varieties of grapes. Often playing host to weddings, Havlíčkovy sady boasts an area of eleven hectares to explore, including a charming grotto and fountains.

Winter with mulled wine

Parukářka Park

Can you climb the 276-meter-high hill in freezing temperatures before your mulled wine goes cold? If not, don’t worry, next time you can take all the necessary raw materials with you and, at one of the grilling places in Parukářka park, heat up your own batch of warm alcohol. You will certainly attract a few passers-by with whom you can talk about the unforgettable views. You will be able to see the Vítkov monument, Žižkov and Prague Castle. The Bezovka nuclear bunker in Žižkov is also worth a visit.

Riegrovy sady

Local runners, dog walkers and, when it snows, miniature ‘bobsledders’. Benefiting from views of Petřín, Lesser Town and Prague Castle, Riegrovy sady is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. The park was built in the early twentieth century and is made up of numerous paths and green areas. A short walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad square, why not pick up a hot wine en route and enjoy the views while you sip.
Míša Benešovská

I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter, mainly covering IT industry. I’ve been fascinated by it for nearly a quarter of a century (or since I dismantled my first computer). I worked for, Unicorn Systems or Mafra publisher. In my spare time, I love game consoles and keep perfecting a recipe for the best pumpkin risotto in the world.

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