2017: Ten Worst Jobs For Millennials

Is it about the salary, workplace or work/life balance? Millennials have different attitudes to work and the way they approach challenges. Let's have a look at the things they dislike.

Top ten worst jobs for millennials

What are the worst jobs for millennials — and why does it matter?

U.S. News & World Report, surveyed more than 1,000 millennials — age 20-34 — to find out what was most important to them when looking for a job and, based on that, came up with the 10 worst jobs.

Predictably, the analysis highlighted some low-paying and irregular jobs that you may expect, such as; construction worker, bartender, restaurant cook. Possibly more surprisingly, included were some jobs that you might not have thought were all that bad — actor, paramedic and choreographer.

It seems that the majority of millennials cared most about how much money they would make, good work-life balance as well as the levels of stress involved. The potential for promotion, future job prospects and how many people in that field were employed, were also factors.

Most of the ten least preferred jobs are relatively low paid. An actor bucks this trend, commanding a reasonably good salary, but the lack of balance between work and personal life due to the frequency of auditions and performances make it less favourable. Stress levels are also high due to the highly competitive field of play – The same goes for the choreographer. Paramedics are fairly frequently injured, making the job another unpopular one.

Experts agree that this list of the worst jobs is, like most lists, subjective. And what may seem like a bad job for one person, may turn out to be a good opportunity for another.

What matters, however, is that the millennials have different attitudes to work and face challenges dissimilar to those of previous generations. Technology is eradicating traditional jobs, employment security is diminishing and millennials want to do more personally fulfilling work.

Those born between 1983 and the mid-1990’s, are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, with more than 53 million workers, more than both those of Generation X — age 35-54 — and the Baby Boomers — age 55-71 — according to census data.

New challenges are awaiting millennials, more so than people who have been working for a longer time. Sticking to one career until retirement is truly old fashioned. Millennials expect to change their jobs multiple times within their working lives.

One idea to help them prepare for this is to think of themselves as their own employers, and think about how they are branding themselves as a product. This new generation need to be flexible and be aware of what they have to offer.

Many millennials are simply trying to find out what they really want to do. As a rule they are searching for a job that is both rewarding and meaningful.

Best and Worst Jobs from the Millennial Point of View:

Worst jobs, average annual wage:

  1. Construction worker, $31,910
  2. Actor, $39,236
  3. Bartender, $19,530
  4. Choreographer, $45,940
  5. Community health worker, $36,300’
  6. Restaurant cook, $23,100
  7. Paramedic, $31,980
  8. Carer, $25,710
  9. Sales representative, $55,730
  10. Structural iron & steel worker, $50,490

Best jobs, average annual salary:

  1. Web developer, $64,970
  2. Dental hygienist, $72,330
  3. Software developer, $98,260
  4. IT systems analyst, $85,800
  5. Mechanical engineer, $83,590
  6. Interpreter/translator, $44,190
  7. Radiation therapist, $80,220
  8. Insurance sales agent, $48,200
  9. Cartographer, $61,880
  10. Masseur, $38,040

Source: freep.com
Míša Benešovská

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