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Can foreign students work during their studies in the Czech Republic?

You’re going to study in the Czech Republic. You have an idea of your monthly costs, but you’re not sure you’re savings will cover it all?

Students from the EU, the European Economic Area and Switzerland are all able to get a job in the Czech Republic fairly easily. Their legal status does not differ from that of the citizens of the Czech Republic and are free to work while studying.

Students from outside the European Union

Even foreigners from outside the EU, studying for their future profession in the Czech Republic do not have to apply for a work permit. However, any employment must not be the main reason for their stay in the Czech Republic.

“Continuous training for a future profession” means day-time studies at high school, vocational higher education, language studies with the right to state language exams, and full-time studies at university (including holidays).

Furthermore, a foreigner who has been educated in the Czech Republic at an accredited secondary school, a higher vocational school, a college or a language school with the right to a language test, has free entry to the labor market.

An employer who employs a foreign national is obliged to inform the Labor Office no later than the date of their first day of work. Upon termination of employment, the employer must notify the office within ten calendar days at the latest. This obligation affects all foreigners (including EU, EEA and Swiss citizens).
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