Czech Republic holds Europe’s highest job vacancy rate

Searching for work can be tough, especially when you’ve not long graduated and are new to the world of work. Finding a job that ticks all the boxes, in the industry you wish to work, can be a scary prospect.

However, the current employment climate provides some of the best opportunities to start your career, especially in the Czech Republic.

According to new data published by Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, the first quarter of 2019 shows Czech Republic to have the highest job vacancy rate in the European Union.  With a vacancy rate of 6.4% (up from 6.0% in Q42018), Czech Republic’s is nearly double that of Germany (3.3%), and almost 3 times the EU average. In comparison, Slovakia, Czech Republic’s closest neighbour, holds a much lower rate of 1.3%.

Particularly low unemployment (currently 2%), low immigration and strong emigration are all factors contributing to the Czech Republic’s particularly high job vacancy rate. Although a sign of the country’s healthy economy and strong growth, the high rate does result in companies struggling to fill posts and potentially hampering further economic growth in the future.

As a result, many businesses have turned to foreign labour to fill their vacant positions and help drive further growth. This is highlighted most prominently in Prague where a quarter of the workforce is now from overseas.

Thinking of reaping the benefits of Prague’s job vacancies? If you’re looking for work abroad and interested in moving to the Czech `Republic, be sure to check out more of our useful information and articles, as well as our jobs portal, all on Monster Lounge.

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