Prague – One of Europe’s top 10 richest regions

Prague, along with the Slovak capital; Bratislava, rank amongst the top 10 richest regions in Europe.

The data compiled by Eurostat (the EU statistics office) in 2017, and released this year, shows the GDP per capita of each region in the EU 28 countries.

Whilst the Czech Republic’s GDP per capita sits in the lower half of the EU28 countries, the Czech capital sits 7th overall when compared at the regional level, with 187% (a 5% increase from last year) of the EU average GDP per capita. Maintaining its position from the previous year, the Czech capital accounts for 25% of Czech Republic’s total GDP.

Meanwhile, Bratislava sits just behind in 8th place. West London has the highest GDP per capita, sitting top of the list with a whopping 626% of the EU average.

Other regions sitting in the top 10 included Luxembourg, two regions in Ireland, Hamburg, Brussels, Upper Bavaria and France’s Île-de-France region that includes Paris.

At the other end of the spectrum, none of Czech Republic’s regions fell into the 20 poorest. The majority of which are made up of Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian regions.

Source: Eurostat

 Maintaining a strong economy, Europe’s lowest unemployment rate and, as highlighted here, boasting the 7th highest GDP per capita in Europe, Prague proves an ideal location for job seekers. Visit the Monster Lounge Job Portal for the latest roles in one of Europe’s thriving cities.

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