What salary to expect in the Czech Republic

When searching for a new job, especially in another country, it is of course a good plan to check the salary you can expect to receive based on your skills and experience. Because, let’s be honest, no matter how much money matters to you, you still need to pay the bills.

In 2018, the average gross monthly wage for the Czech Republic reached a new record high of 31,851 CZK (1240 EUR), an increase of 8.6% over the previous year, according to a report by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).  Strong economic performance, a low level of unemployment, and high demand for workers were among the main reasons behind the increase in wages. As well as an increase in wages in the public sector.

In general, Czech Republic has seen some of the highest increases in average salary over the past number of years, in the EU. This bodes well for people searching for employment and wishing to relocate here.

But what does this mean for your potential earnings?

To give an idea of what salary you can expect, here’s a quick run down of average earnings for the most popular positions.

  • Accounting & Finance: Junior – CZK 30-35k, Senior – CZK 45-60k, Director – CZK 75-100k+
  • Customer Services: Junior – CZK 28-34k, Manager – CZK 45-65k
  • Human Resources: Entry level – CZK 25-30k, Generalist: CZK 45-70k, Manager – CZK 70k+
  • Logistics & Manufacturing: Entry level: CZK 25-35k, Project Manager: CZK 50k+
  • Marketing: Junior – CZK 30-40k, Manager: CZK 40-65k Director: CZK 75k+
  • Sales: Junior: CZK 30-45k, Manager: CZK 50k+, County Manager / Director: CZK 65k+
  • Teaching: English / Foreign Language Teacher – CZK 150-300 (hourly), CZK 25-40k (full time)
  • IT & Telecoms: First-Level Support: CZK 37-45k, Developer: CZK 55-100k+

As can be seen from the number above, the best salaries are generally found in the IT and telecoms sector, with many of the large international companies having a presence in Czech Republic. Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP, SAP and many more have offices in Prague or Brno. Developers and IT support are popular positions for expats with a number of vacancies readily available.

Other popular jobs for expats tend to be found in the Teaching, Customer Services and Finance sectors. English as well as another language is usually a requirement.

For more information on salaries for your field of work visit http://www.platy.cz/en/.

However, the salary is of course is only one part of the picture. Taking into account working hours, what’s expected of you, bonuses and perks are all important things to consider also.

Wondering how far your potential earnings will go?  To learn more about the living costs in Czech Republic and how far your salary will go each month, read our article here.

Author: Míša Benešovská

I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter, mainly covering IT industry. I’ve been fascinated by it for nearly a quarter of a century (or since I dismantled my first computer). I worked for Seznam.cz, Unicorn Systems or Mafra publisher. In my spare time, I love game consoles and keep perfecting a recipe for the best pumpkin risotto in the world.

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