Czech Republic with children: Animals and sport



DinoPark, Zoo Plzen

Can your children tell the difference between a brachiosaurus and a triceratops? Do you know the difference? Either way, it’s never too late for a dinosaur trip to find out. DinoPark includes numerous static lifelike dinosaurs, with sound effects and moving limbs.

And once your children have had their fun learning about dinosaurs there’s numerous other attractions to keep them entertained, including a playground with climbing frames, swings and the like.

Other amenities include, onsite parking, refreshments and a souvenir shop. The Dinopark is a great place for the whole family to enjoy, leaving everyone educated and entertained.

Safari park Dvůr Králové nad Labem

There are numerous zoological gardens across the Czech Republic, located in the larger towns and cities such as Liberec, Pilsen, Hodonin, Ostrava, Prague, Olomouc and Ústí nad Labem. Each of the gardens have specific themes, some focusing on marine life, while other include more exotic animals like parrots and crocodiles.

Unique experiences await you in Dvůr Králové, home to one of the country’s most famous zoos. Two and a half thousand animals are housed there, with a small train that will transport tired little legs around the enclosures, so your tour can go on uninhibited.

The largest attraction is the safari; where antelope, wildebeest and zebra roam free – you and your little ones can watch from the safety of the bus.

The Zoo’s program varies with the seasons, with changing opening hours: 9am to 4pm in winter and 9am to 6pm in summer.

For those who want to really immerse themselves in the experience, onsite cabins provide overnight accommodation. Why not fall asleep while the beasts are awakening?

Krkonoše animal nature trail, Špindlerův Mlýn

Heading to the Krkonoše mountains for the weekend and not sure how to keep the kids entertained? Why not take them to the Krkonoše animal nature trail?

There they will encounter wooden carvings of the different animals living in and around this mountainous area as well as educational boards teaching them all about it. All this, along a trail sitting at 700m above sea level. Parents will appreciate the panoramic views of the region.

Faunapark Horní Lipová, Jeseníky

Not keen on zoos filled with visitors and long queues? The village of Horní Lipová, located near Olomouc, offers a slightly different encounter with animals. As a smaller privately owned animal sanctuary, they try to create the most optimal conditions for encounters of humans with nature. Thanks to the family atmosphere and close contact with animals, your children will never forget this unique experience.

The Faunapark is stroller friendly with refreshments, toilets and a seating area.

Admission is free for Children under 2 years of age, 70 CZK  for children under 15 and 120 CZK for adults.

Entrance fees contribute to the welfare of the animals as well as park upkeep.

Sports activities

Slideland toboggan track, Lipno nad Vltavou

Your kids will definitely appreciate this toboggan track all year round, whatever the weather. Just be prepared for multiple laps! There are two tracks to choose from – the Alpine Coaster and the Bobsleigh Track. The former being more family friendly. Professional bobsleigh athletes are on hand to offer tips on the perfect slide.

Children from 3 years of age can slide with their parents, while daring children from the age of 8 can ride alone.

The whole area is wheelchair accessible and includes other attractions to enjoy, including a wooden playground for kids and a pub for the parents.

Aquapark, Jindřichův Hradec

In nice weather you can explore the historical Jindřichův Hradec; an urban conservation area, followed by a stroll to the Vajgar pond, where, among other things, there are swimming facilities.

There is an indoor pool and an outdoor aqua park providing all-day entertainment and sporting opportunities. Facilities include a jacuzzi and heated children’s pools.

Opening hours, entrance fees and further information can be found on the aqua park website.

Rope park Podhůra, Chrudim

Are adrenaline filled adventures in the trees more your thing? In Podhrava, near Chrudim, you’ll find a series of rope walks and obstacles covering a length of almost 250m, with both easier and more difficult obstacles to tackle.

The park is designed for those over 12 years old and 150cm in height, however, Children aged 10-12 years and 145cm or higher can visit the park with the assistance of an adult. Younger adventurers aged 3-10 can experience the adrenaline fuelled fun in their own children’s rope park with 8 obstacles at a height of 0.5-2m.

The park is open from May to October weather permitting.

Scooter excursion, Ještěd

Want to try something new during a trip to Ještěd, and discover the picturesque Podještědí? You now have the chance to descend from the top of Ještěd, by scooter. Routes of various difficulties   exist; the majority for them passing by  popular tourist attractions, pubs and eateries. Get the children up to fitness while enjoying the beautiful countryside.

The rental company works from April to November, weather permitting, and holds 85 scooters in its inventory.

Simply select your chosen route, do up your helmet and hit the trails with family in tow.

So, hopefully, now you can see that Czech Republic offers plenty of fun for the whole family. If you’re not the sporty type, there’s nature, castle’s and museums to explore on foot. Individual cities organise seasonal and themed events, Christmas markets and more.

Sometimes asking friends, neighbours or the local shop assistant will give you a better overview of what’s on offer than Google can.

So North for sport? South for education? East to the animals? Or somewhere off the beaten track?
Míša Benešovská

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