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Searching for new home

Choosing a new promised land (part 2)

Becoming an expat

Are you still wondering where your home is going to be? Let's have a look what else should you consider.

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Moving to a promised land

Choosing a new promised land

Becoming an expat

Moving out and choosing the right country can be difficult. Before you make a decision, write down a list of pros and cons of your promised land.

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Unusual city tours in Prague

Authentic Prague:
Unusual tours of the city

Life in Prague

Bored of the same old guided city tours? Why not try something new?

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Looking for an apartment without speaking Czech

I’m looking for an
apartment in Prague,
but I don’t speak Czech

Life in Prague

Renting a new apartment in your native country is a time consuming experience at best. But when it’s abroad, when you don’t know the local language and don’t know where to look, it can seem an almost impossible task.

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Advantages of having a multicurtural team

The advantages of a multicultural workplace

Becoming an expat, Career

Business leaders should consider ways in which they can bring more diversity to both their recruitment endeavours as well as to their management techniques.

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