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Uncovering the Secrets of Personal Branding


Career designer Petra Drahoňovská reveals all you need to know about personal branding.

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Prague’s Green Spaces – City Parks

Life in Prague

In 2018 Prague was ranked one of the greenest cities in the world by TravelBird, the Dutch holiday agency. The travel site compiled a list of destinations deemed to be “…making large efforts to be sustainable by preserving ecological areas, as well as those increasing their man-made green locations.” 

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The pro and cons of sending employees abroad

Becoming an expat

The number of employees sent abroad to work is on the increase. This trend offers many benefits but also comes with a number of risks.

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How to improve business efficiency this year


Every company wants to grow each year, and usually, this growth falls on the employees. It is therefore, of great importance to put a plan in place to increase workplace efficiency.

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