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Working as an expat

How to successfully be an expat

Becoming an expat, Career

In order to help navigate you along this exciting, if a little daunting, task, we’ve put together a quick ‘crash course’ in becoming an expat.

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How to deal with toxic coworker

Dealing with a toxic coworker


Work can be tough enough without having to deal with a toxic coworker; but if you do, you may be stuck with them longer than you think. So here’s eight tips to help ease the burden.

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Top ten jobs you will be happy at

Ten job perks that Millennials love

Career, Millennials

Understanding Millennials is the first step in drawing them into your workplace. You need to know what motivates them in their careers. Here are 10 perks that get them excited.

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Communication in multiculrtural team

How to Communicate in a Multicultural Workplace

Becoming an expat

Working in an international environment can bring a number of different challenges. Here are some useful tips for more effective communication within the team.

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Top ten worst jobs for millennials

2017: Ten Worst Jobs For Millennials

Career, Millennials

Is it about the salary, workplace or work/life balance? Millennials have different attitudes to work and the way they approach challenges. Let's have a look at the things they dislike.

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